CLAA Programs

Sharing Wisdom Across Generations (SWAG)

Sharing Wisdom Across Generations (SWAG) started in 2015 in an effort to connect and engage current students with our alumni, to learn about our alumni’s academic and professional journeys in their specific fields, and to learn how our alumni have given back to our Chicanx / Latinx communities.


We have constructed workshops, led by our alumni, by profession and industry to allow our students to attend the workshops of their choice.  In the past, we have had workshops on arts, media, and performance, business, education, law and public policy service, social work, and STEM.  Each of the sessions is approximately one hour long and students attend two workshops followed by a catered lunch with an opportunity for our students to meet with our alumni.  




A Professional Development and Scholarship Program

“Helping first generation students become first generation professionals”


CaminOs@s is a tri-partnership between the Chicanx Latinx Student Development (CLSD) office, the UC Berkeley Chicano Latino Alumni Association (CLAA) and the Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR) which offers current students opportunities in research, professional development, fem/mentorship and community engagement events.


Each Month, students will engage in a series of workshops, panel discussions and speakers on topics ranging from financial literacy and professional development to networking and career readiness.


Raza Graduation

In 2017 we celebrated our 30th Raza Graduation with our largest cohort of 385 Raza students.  Each year we invite all Chicanx Latinx identified students to our family graduation ceremony in which they can bring two guests, usually their mom and dad, on walk on stage with them.  We take pride in making this a family and community celebration as we all take part in the success of our students graduating.  


Legacy Event

The Legacy event is a celebration honoring our Chicanx Latinx alumni.  Our first Legacy event was held in October of 2015 and will take place every five years.  Chicanx and Latinx alumni had not gathered on campus as an organized group for more than 40 years, which made our first celebration a historic one.  


The Chicanx Latinx Student Development Office (CLSD), in partnership with CLAA, the Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR) and other Chicanx and Latinx spaces and places on campus collaborate to make this event possible.  As part of our legacy of giving back to the campus community, we have created fundraising initiatives that prioritize Chicanx Latinx student and community issues.


This three-day weekend celebration includes a Bienvenida-Welcome Reception, Education Summit, Student-Alumni Engagement, Gala Dinner, and a Scholarship Brunch. We are always excited to welcome back our alumni to campus to connect them with current students, faculty, and staff.  


As we begin to plan for our Legacy 2020 event, we hope you will join us in expanding our Cal Chicanx and Latinx alumni networks.  The goal is to maintain and strengthen our legacy of advocating for the recruitment, retention, and overall success of Chicanx and Latinx students, staff, and faculty at UC Berkeley.


Scholarship Brunch

Each year, CLAA hosts a scholarship brunch to recognize and award all of our scholars.  Each chapter awards scholarships to recipients in their region along with scholarships awarded from the main CLAA organization.  Over $250,000 in scholarships have been awarded in the last 10 years and over 400 scholarships have been awarded. 


Yield Events  

A volunteer opportunity for alumni to engage on campus with our students, staff and faculty/administrators.  

Yield events is a time where accepted Chicanx Laitnx students to Cal are being courted to submit “statement of intent to register”.  CLAA in partner with Chicanx Latinx Student Development hold various bi-lingual/bi-cultural yield events up and down California to meet with parents and students to convince they belong at CAL.  


Familia Orientation

Familia Orientation is a welcoming celebration for all new freshman and transfer students as well as their families. It provides for a smooth transition into UC Berkeley and allows families and students to connect with staff, students, alumni, and resources on campus before they start school.