CLAA Membership


The UC Berkeley Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association (CLAA) has evolved into a professional alumni association.  It is imperative that now, more than ever, we collectively invest in our community, but more importantly, in our Cal Latinx students.  Although we have made some progress, there are many of our students still experiencing food and housing insecurities.  We can change that, we can make a difference, we can invest to build equity and strengthen our comunidad.  In an effort to build and sustain a strong organization, we have incorporated a membership fee/investment structure.


 Membership Type & Rates

New/Renewed Annual Memberships(includes: membership card & alumni pin)
$40 *Recent Alum
$65 Standard Alum
$35 Spouse/Partner
Lifetime Membership (includes: membership card, alumni pin & CLAA coffee mug)
$500 (or $50/month for 10 months) *Recent Alum
$700 (or $70/month for 10 months) Standard Alum
$300 (or $30/month for 10 months) Spouse/Partner
Friends of Alumni Membership (Honorary CLAA Member)
$75 for an annual membership Friend of Alum
$750 (or $75/month for 10 months) lifetime membership Friend of Alum


*Members are consider recent alumni if they have graduated within the last 5 years, otherwise they are considered standard alum





A CLAA membership is just one way to help us serve you, our alum, and our students.  The contribution will go towards student scholarships, programming, alumni networking, workforce development, and help contribute towards the building capacity at CLAA and its chapters.  In addition, you have the option to invest a monthly contribution to CLAA to continue building equity.  A monthly contribution is the equivalent of 2-3 coffee cups, but, to our students, it can mean the difference between skipping one meal or not, or having to work more or less.


Are you ready to invest and pay it forward?

We, too, believe in giving back, so we are continually forming partnerships with merchants and service providers to offer you discounts.  Some of those member discounts/services currently include:

More partnerships are taking place and we will update the list as we confirm.  If you know of a company or service you would like us to list, please email

To receive the discount, simply show the merchant your membership card


For Alumni and Allies, we offer:

  • Networking opportunities through special invitation events.
  • Volunteer opportunities through various committees, fundraising activities and events.
  • Femtor/Mentorship opportunities with Cal Latinx students.
  • An opportunity to invest in CLAA, our students, but most importantly, to build strength in our comunidad.


For Students, we offer:

  • Femtor/Mentorship opportunities with alumni and allies of CLAA at
  • Life-skills workshops focused on workforce development, leadership, and network building, financial literacy and community service.
  • Access to CLAA business partners, alumni and allies.  Students will build networks through alumni events such as our Sharing Wisdom Across Generations or career panels learning firsthand from professionals and organizational leaders.
  • Scholarship opportunities to assist in academic development and advancement.


For Business Partners, we offer:

  • The opportunity to engage thousands of students, alumni and friends through strategic marketing and advertising initiatives across multiple media.
  • Access to high-achieving scholars and alumni through events tailored to support diversity and excellence.
  • A forum for professionals across industries to discuss best practices in preparing students for a competitive job market.


Click here to fill out the Membership Application.  Single Payment.  

Click here to fill out the Lifetime Membership Application. (10 Monthly payments)