Our university was founded and guided by Fiat Luxbringing new knowledge to light and illuminating solutions for bettering the human condition. And as we celebrate our 150th birthday and our accomplishments, many of our students continue to face food and housing insecurities, especially our First Generation and Undocumented students.  Es nuestra responsibilidad iluminar el camino para nuestros estudiantes. We are shining that light on our community!

Help us to continue to create resources to provide students access to affordable housing, food security, and to develop professional skills to successfully transition into the workforce.  We are creating the pathway for success!

All money donated will go directly to benefit our students!

Funds will be utilized for the following:


  • Reduce food and housing insecurities.
  • Subsidize the increasing cost of tuition, books, and supplies.
  • First Generation, Undocumented, and other marginalized and underserved students.


  • Gain hands-on workforce training and experience.
  • Develop professional skills to be job-ready.
  • Create a strong network of contacts.


  • Connect students with alumni for career and educational advice and mentoring.
  • Explore internships, externships, fellowships, and careers.
  • Develop effective resumes, gain confident interviewing skills, and explore career opportunities to successfully transition into the workforce.

Please support us with an amount you are comfortable in giving.  This year’s suggested giving is $150 in honor of 150 years of Cal.  If you can’t give $150, give a minimum of $10 and recruit 15 other supporters that you know will support our cause to strive for academic equity.

“A dollar earned is valued at one dollar, but a dollar donated can have a higher value to someone in need.”

One of CLAA’s main purpose is to generate donations for scholarships to help our current students sustain themselves while in school.  Tuition costs and the cost of living in Berkeley have increased, yet financial aid has remained at the same constant level.


As a community, we thrive to help one another out and pay it forward to the next generation.  Please consider donating towards our scholarship and programming funds to continue to support our Cal Bears.


Scholarships for Cal Latinx Undergraduate and Graduate Students

These scholarships help our Cal Latinx students help sustain themselves while in school and help them stay focused on their academics and extra curricular activities.

Scholarships for Undocumented Students
These scholarships help our Cal undocumented students with legal fees, housing, food, books, and other expenses as needed.   
CLAA Programming to continue to provide resources for students
CLAA provides resources, activities, workshops, and workforce development programs to help our students thrive.

CLAA General Operating Funds
CLAA is a volunteer-based organization that operates on a small budget.  Any contribution in this category goes towards overhead costs and helps keep the lights on.


 All donations are tax-deductible.

If you would like to donate more and have a scholarship named after you, your family, a loved one, or an organization, please send an email to Roberto at or call 619-254-9057.


We truly appreciate your continued support.


Go Bears!

!El Pueblo Unido, Jamás Será Vencido!